Seeing the Miracle Without Falling Asleep

From Rabbi Lawrence Kushner:

Look more closely at the process of combustion. How long would you have to watch wood burn before you could know whether or not it actually was being consumed? Even dry kindling wood is not burned up for several minutes. This then would mean that Moses would have had to closely the “amazing sight” for several minutes before he could possible know there even was a miracle to watch.The burning bush was not a miracle, it was a test. God wanted tofind out whether or not Moses could pay attention to something formore than a few minutes. When Moses did, God spoke. The trick is to pay attention to what is going on around you long enough to behold the miracle without falling asleep. There is another world,right here within this one, whenever we pay attention…

During Lent, I’m praying that God would help me to slowly and intentionally be present to what is happening all around me. How much beauty, truth, and miraculous have I missed simply because I wasn’t paying attention?