Bill wants to passionately and intentionally carry out a ministry that is…

Historically Informed
We are not the first people on this journey of faith. We belong to a long tradition that is deeper and wider than most imagine it to be. We need to continually retell the story of our faith and connect people with the historic and universal church.

Kingdom Minded
God is at work renewing the whole world! The work of God is about so much more than any one local church. We must continually build for the Kingdom, showing our city what God’s reign looks like. This happens as we thoughtfully and joyfully participate in the culture and continually work for social justice in our city.

Missionally Engaged
We have been given the ministry of reconciliation, and our call is to help others come to know the life-changing grace of God in Jesus Christ. If want to see others embrace the good news of forgiveness and mercy, we must live in ways that allow us to intentionally speak about Jesus Christ with those who do not yet follow Him.

Relationally Vigilant
Everyone who is part of a local church should be truly known and cared for. If relationships are to go beyond a surface level, true authenticity must be nurtured and celebrated. When it comes to pastoral care, pastors should seek to be proactive rather than reactive, with the elders spending intentional time in relationship with the people under their care.

Gospel Centered
In all that we do, we must continually call people to faith in Jesus Christ. Faithful ministry empowers people to overcome idols of the heart without resorting to self-righteousness or legalism, but instead points people to the finished work of Jesus. If we are going to error in our dealings with people, we want to error on the side of extravagant grace.

Spirit Dependent
Apart from the work of God’s Spirit, we can do nothing meaningful or lasting. We must be continually driven to our knees in prayer and reminded of our desperate need for empowerment and guidance. We must also be careful and cautious never to operate in ministry on our strength. Plainly said – if we can do it without the Holy Spirit’s empowerment, what we are doing is no longer ministry.

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