Give Us More!

During my times with the Lord in the mornings, I’m slowly reading through When God Comes to Church, a classic work on Revival by Dr. Ray Ortlund. It has been wonderful – I consistently walk away with my soul refreshed and hungry for God to renew me and my church by His grace.

This morning, I was particularly moved by these words:

For those of us who have been Christians for a while, it becomes easy to think that we’ve pretty much exhausted the possibilities of the Christian life. We can settle into a routine of activities at church and in our small groups and Bible studies, with little expectation of anything new. The familiar becomes the predictable, and everything from here on out will be more of the same. We dip our teaspoon into the vast ocean of the living God. Holding that teaspoon in our hand, we say, ‘This is God.’ we pour it out into our lives, and we say, “This is the Christian experience.”

God calls us to dive into the ocean. He call us into ever new regions of his fullness, his immensity, his all-sufficiency. There is more for us in Christ than we have yet apprehended. Let’s never think that we have him figured out or that we’ve seen all he can do. The Bible is not a guidebook to a theological museum. It is a road map showing us the way into neglected or even forgotten glories of the living God.

Prayer is boring when it’s merely an attempt to maintain our present level of communion with God without slipping back. That’s boring, because our present experience isn’t all that satisfying to begin with. Why protect that? But prayer springs to life with meaning and urgency when we see it as an occasion for pleading with God to depend and expand our experience of him through reinvigoration by the Holy Spirit.

We must begin to realize: We aren’t what we used to be. We aren’t what we ought to be or want to be. It’s been too long since the immediacy of God’s presence was a vital reality in our midst. It is time to seek the Lord!

All I can say is, YES! This is what my heart longs for and cries out for – Give me more of you, Lord. Make me less interested in ministry “success”, power or privilege, recognition among men, or any of the hundreds of things that grasp for my attention and affection. Make me far more interested in you – knowing you, treasuring you, delighting in you, serving you, worshiping you, meditating upon you, honoring you… Give me more of you. Make me completely discontent with the teaspoon, and give me an insatiable desire for the ocean.



  1. Amen and amen. The image of the teaspoon drove right into my heart. It reminds of Lewis’ statement that we are children content to play in the mud because we cannot conceive of a holiday by the sea.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Man. Going through a similar thing, but instead of things competing for my attention, it’s more a confidence in what I can accomplish without God. Graciously though, this has become evidently foolish. Encouraging read, thanks for taking the time to post.

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