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Your home isn't just a place to live - it's where you build your life. This is the place where relationships are deepened, meals are shared, and memories are made. You know what you want in your next home - maybe even down to the smallest detail. But how do you get there? How do you make sure that someone else doesn't end up living in your favorite house? Our proven process virtually guarantees that you will get the very best house available to you, because you deserve to love where you live.

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    Revealed: the one real estate list you must not find yourself on when buying a home. You'll learn what everyone on this list has in common and how we guarantee you won't find yourself on it.
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    Learn the most common mistake home buyers make during the home buying journey that can cost them the house they've dreamed of.
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    Discover the biggest secret most real estate agents never tell home buyers, and how knowing this secret could put thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

Our consultation will cover:

What's Important to You

We will get crystal clear on what's most important to you about buying your next home, crafting our strategy to match your priorities.

The True Costs of Buying a Home

Our services are 100% free for home buyers like you. But there are other costs along the way you need to be aware of. We'll talk through them all so you're not blindsided by surprises on closing day.


A Proven Roadmap

Time and time again, our process has been proven to get home buyers like you the results they dererve, ensuring that you end up living in your favorite house - not someone else!

Dangers to Watch For

We will talk about the most common obstacles that can threaten your home buying process, detailing exactly how we'll avoid each of them along the way.


To guarantee the highest level of service and the best results possible - Bill chooses to only work with 4 new clients each month.


He did everything right to win our business...

We had a great experience with Bill. We really appreciated the upfront consultation and guidance. He asked specific questions to help my husband and I get on the same page. We were on a very tight timeline, and Bill stayed on top of our deadlines and recommended people to help along the way. I can honestly say that if we had gone with a different realtor I doubt that we would have been able to close so quickly. He did everything right to win our business and we would recommend him to anyone.


Bill was the perfect real estate agent...

Bill was the perfect Real Estate Agent.  Not only did he respect all our desires, but he walked us through each step of the process and educated us in a respectful way about all in the ins and outs of a home sale.  Bill was flexible with our time, which is difficult since we have three kids and jobs to juggle. Even through some difficult situations, Bill was always a quick phone call or e-mail away to help solve the issue and reccomend the right steps and the right people to call. 


He is extremely patient, professional, and so kind...

I was very overwhelmed with the process... it seemed impossible to me because I had very specific wants and needs, but Bill made the whole process a breeze. He was the best at giving us quick responses and always keeping us up to date. He is extremely patient, professional, and so kind. We have recommended him to several of our friends, and they have all been so pleased and thankful for him as well. 



The home you've dreamed about is closer than you think, and it all starts with your no-obligation home seller consultation. Don't put your dreams on hold any longer... schedule your consultation and get the process started today!