4 Reasons Why Winter Is the Perfect Time To Buy a Home

Winter is the perfect time of year for plenty of things: making snow angels, going ice skating, and drinking hot cocoa by the fire are all things that come to mind. But do you know what else winter is the perfect time of year for? Buying a home. There’s no better time to find the […]

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Clever Moving Hacks

MOVING! Just the sound of that word can bring up a subtle clinch in the gut, as well as thoughts of wear and tear, losing items, barely making it out of the old home in time, and visits to the chiropractor later. For most of us, this experience is probably unavoidable. But I have good […]

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Do the Work.

  It’s not a matter of luck or chance. It’s not about catching a break or the circumstances finally lining up. It’s not about having the proper connections or even the best education. The only thing that matters is this: did I show up today and do the work?

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7 Pricing Myths You Need to Get Past If You Want to Sell Your Home

When homeowners are preparing to put their home on the market, one thing is usually foremost in their minds: money. Setting the asking price accurately can mean the difference between getting an offer quickly and having a house languish for months with little interest. With that in mind, it’s important that potential sellers block out […]

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