Do the Work.


It’s not a matter of luck or chance. It’s not about catching a break or the circumstances finally lining up. It’s not about having the proper connections or even the best education.

The only thing that matters is this: did I show up today and do the work?

The early morning. The extra effort. The sweat and tears. The boring and the mundane. The step above what was required. Did I do the work?

Did I do the work to maximize my health?
Did I do the work to connect my soul with truth, grace, and peace today?
Did I do the work to deepen my marriage and strengthen the bond with my kids?
Did I do the work to build a business that funds the dreams I have for my life?

Vision is good. Goals are wonderful. Strategy is fantastic. Plans are needed. But a truly Inspired life begins when I am willing to, without anyone looking and whether anyone notices, do the work.

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